Hey Ladies..
It's time to change your life for the better. Are you sick of working to make others dreams come true? Are you home all day with kids and need more money?  Either way it's time to change YOUR life and do something for YOU.
Start working at home in 2008! 

Start 2008 working for the largest discount health benefits company nationwide!

Our gift to you...
* A $50.00 Sales Aide Certificate (when you join our company today)
* 250 free postcard leads every month

What we offer...
* Daily pay
* 5 Professional Websites
* Unlimited Training
* Benefits for your entire household
* 401 k available
* Part-time or full-time work available
*  FREE benefits for your entire household.

What we don't do..
* No Selling
* No Parties
* No Collecting of Payments
* Cold Calling
About Our Company
Ameriplan is a 15 year old, debt free company that has nearly 1.7 million benefit members and over 70,000 home workers.

Ameriplan is a true work at home CAREER.   You can work either full time or part time at home.

We  help you start making money at home immediately.  We also have training centers all over the United States that you are welcome to attend.   Our training centers are available at no cost.

The television show 60 Minutes also did a big special on our company!  To view the 60 minutes special, please visit:

Not only will you  receive training and websites right away, you will also have an opportunity to work with the fastest growing team in Ameriplan, the Freedom at Home Team.  Our team has been featured in several work at home magazines.

Hurry, start working at home today and you will receive a $50.00 sales aide certificate. And a $15.00 Gas Card!

Let this New year be the one to remember.  Give yourself the best gift  ever  - the gift of FREEDOM!  Start working at home today. 

Request an interview today  by visiting my website at: You'll be so glad you did! :)
Jennifer M Siegle
Broker / Recruiter /Business Owner


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