Most of the time my husband is very sensible, but sometimes, I think "Is that brain really up there WORKING?".  My gripe today.......over the past month or so, one of my husband's best friends-who is a contractor-came to do some updating in my kitchen.  GREAT!!!! There is such a difference, that It is STRIKING!! But, he had an electric tool of some sort, kinda looked like a nail gun, that had gotten jammed.  And I DISTINCTLY remember him asking my husband if he had a small pair of needle nose pliers or something to see if he could un-jam it.  Then, I left the house to go to the grocery store. Well, WITHOUT thinking, my husband told him that there are a pair of tweezers in the bathroom cabinet (our half bath on our 1st floor) and that he can use those (I wasn't home at the time that this conversation took place, but found my tweezers on the coffee table in the living room and asked-the answer "George was using them").  Ok,, I go to pluck my eye brows today, and LOW AND BEHOLD, they won't work properly now (they have a handle on them that makes it easier ot hold them, and the tweezers don't fit into the handle right, and they had been pinched SOOOOO tightly that the tips were touching).  Mind you, I thought the tweezers being out in the livingroom was strange, but I thought, WHY? and answered myself "Probably a splinter".  Well, needless to say, the JACK@SS used my $20 Tweezerman EYEBROW tweezers to un-jam his tool.

What in the HELL would posess you to grab a pair of tweezers TO UN-JAM a tool.  I blame my husband for it, because he couldn't provide ONE of HIS pairs of hobby tweezers to give to George, NO, he told him about my tweezers in the bathroom cupboard.  Now, I told my husband that it is HIS responsiblity to replace the tweezers WITH THE IDENTICAL ONES, because of his idiocity!

What do your husbands DO and think about it ONLY after they have done it????

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:38 AM Oh man.  I shouldn't be laughing because I'd have been pissed off too if my tweezers got ruined.  But it's a funny story.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:20 PM No, husbands don't usually use their least mine doesn't!  :)

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