The Home Care services are being cut everywhere and not only that the State is also cutting back on our medical equipment. What is a client to do who live alone or the single physically challenged mother with child(dren) and need equipment to help them be as independent as possible? We need our care-givers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, breathing machines, hearing aids, crutches, ramps, glasses, speaking and writing devices. It is sad 'they' don't care,  the children can go to foster care and it's too expensive to pay for home care and if they want to live at home their families should care for them. Some of us don't have families or some families can't or don't want to. Is that a right to to institutionalize us........over money! Those of us who have home care and work are also thrown into the pot. We are no longer considered human but looked at as dollar signs. Let's not forget this system was created to give us independence and allow us to live at home...........our own home independently with assistants. Now they want to take it away. Who has given them that God given right. The government doesn't care because they have the money to care for or put their love ones in a top notch facility where they will get the best care.   

I had to make a serious decision concerning my home care. It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life that required a lot of thought about my health and safety. My most needed moments are the morning and at night because of my CPAP and severe migraines. I chose t cut my hours in the afternoon which I was then told there may be no coverage. I starting to look at a live-in situation very seriously now. I must take matters into my own hands and protect not only my son and myself but all those who suffer as well.

One voice is loud many voices cause a roar. Please help stop Medi-Cal cuts and write to your local and state lawmakers.

I use a motorized wheelchair with it I walk, run and jog. My arms are weak with them I write and give hugs. I am hard of hearing yet I hear beautiful sounds. My body is weak yet I am full of life.

What you see on the outside is not who I am. Don't judge a book by it's cover before you read it. Look inside and you will be amazed at what you find.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:58 PM

I voted this popular...I am sorry you are having to deal with care issue in addition to your medical issues. You shouldn't have to and I am sorry to hear that "cuts" are in the plans, that's just not right! I have included a link to the Governor's page and one to the Medi-Cal page. And, one relating to this issue. Hopefully people will respond! Did you post this in your groups? If not, I think you should! Governor's Page Medi-Cal page Article


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