Right now the economy is in the crapper. It's the same for everyone - coast to coast.

Yet - NOW is the best time to start your own home based candle business.

You can even do it on a SHOESTRING BUDGET!

One idea is to request an information packet here:


When that packet comes take the scent samples and catalog that comes in the packet - - and start showing them off to everyone you know.

Tell them you are going to be in the candle business - and then TAKE ORDERS for candles.

Have them PAY you upfront.

Once you have 12 sold - - join the COTM club and place your first order for the 12 candles you need.

This will give you an INSTANT PROFIT of $70.

($120 profit on 12 jars if you sell them for $20 each - $50 COTM = $70 PROFIT for you.).

Now - focus on selling JUST 12 jars EACH MONTH and that means a CONTINUOUS profit of $70 each month - - JUST for selling 12 jars.

Up that goal to sell 24 jars and your PROFIT is now $190.

Up that goal to selling 30 jars and your profit is now $250

There are a ZILLION and one ways to sell candles - - even in this economy.

The good news is that our team offers an AMAZING amount of training and support - - to help you brainstorm ways to get your business growing strong. You will never be left alone wondering where we all went.

For more information and ideas on how to start your business on a budget - - please request the "Building Your Business on a budget" report.

(after all, it's how I started!!!)

You can find that report here:


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