I worked a full-time job outside of my home throughout my pregnancy. But then my son was born with a seizure disorder. I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of leaving him with someone who may not know what they're doing if he were to have a seizure in their presence. So I made the decision to be a stay-at-home mother.

It has been really rough with just my husband working; this past winter especially had killed us with $300/month to keep the place heated. And to top it off, we just bought our first home. I started putting in applications at local convenient and department stores. I wasn't receiving any phone calls. Noone was hiring.

Then a Cafemom friend told me about this great company called Cashcrate. What a god sent this was! You complete offers and surveys whenever you want, and however many you want, and you get PAID for this!! When you first sign up you don't think it will be much (completed offers typically pay only $0.25 - $1.50), but oh my, how it adds up!

Cashcrate also has a great referral program. For every direct person you refer, you 20% commission  and 10% commission off theirs. PLUS, you get a $3 bonus when they reach the $10 payout minimum.

Thanks to my friend and Cashcrate I am able to make money from home and still spend every precious minute with my deserving son.

Here are my proofs of payment:


So, please do yourself the same favor. Stay home with your child(ren) and still make money!

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