Well, lots of things actually.... It depends on what baby name book you're looking in. The one my parents got it out of, it meant miraculous. I had an older sister who only lived a couple of months, she was born with club feet, spinabifida, hydrocephilous, etc. And they were told it was genetic so they had high chances of their other child(ren) being born with some of the same problems. When they were pregnant with me, they did an amniocentisis, it showed signs that I would have spinabifida, but on the ultrasounds I looked ok. That's why they picked the name I guess. As it turns out I was born with VERY mild spinabifida, really the only symptoms I have are slowness and slightly reduced motor skliils on my left side. But thus far, I've done well in spite of it, sometime TO spite it, lol. Figure skating, Marine Cadets, now dog grooming..... All physical things. The meaning I like best, Miranda is the name of the smallest moon that circles either Uranus or Saturn, I can't remember which at the moment....

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