Hello there to my cafemom sisters I need help with my 19 month old son Mr. Elijah' i would like to stop bf him i feel that i have done a great job to have gone this long but i have found a job and i would like to have my body back i dont mean to be harsh but im being honest I love my son with all my heart but i think its time for hm to no longer bf i have gone 19months with-no support on bf besides from my wonderful sisters at cafe-mom so you can imagine all the negative remarks i go thur on a daily basic but that didn't stop me i went on with it i continued to give Elijah' nothing but the best!!!!! I feel as tho he needs be b more independent on his own no more boobs my goal is to be completely stop by July so I'm asking you to please email me with some tips and support i really need it!!!! Thank you soo much much love!!

Proud Mom of Elijah'.

PS.  What do i do about him falling out and yelling at the top of his lungs when i say no no is this normal? I'm at first time mom should i look into this are is he going Thur a faze??? he is 19months old any suggestions

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:12 PM

Good for you for breast feeding this long.  I nursed all my girls.  The first till she was 8 months old.  She was the hardest because I went back to work when she was 8 weeks old but still continued to nurse her.  I nursed my second one till I was  6 months pregnant with my third one. she was 16 months when I stopped with her.  My last one was about 18 months when I stopped nursing her.  I was so ready to stop because I had been either nursing or pregnant for 3 years.  I also got a job at night that made it real hard to nurse so I pretty much weaned her off in like 2 weeks.  I had a daycare when my two youngest ones were born so it was easy for me to nurse them.  She did not want to stop but I was ready.  Dont feel guilty at all most do not nurse as long as you have.  You are a great mom and it is time that you have your own life.  Make it fun for him to take a cup.  Buy him cute little cups with straws or tippy cups.  My daughters loved the tippy cups.


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:18 PM

I stopped nursing at 14 months and 12 months with my daughters.  What helped me was to feed them more food, and I used ovaltine with milk to get them to switch.  I didn't have to put much in the milk, and it has tons of vitamins in it.  I slowly used less and less ovaltine, and then they both just drank plain milk.

As far as the tantrum-throwing...pick a type of discipline that you are comfortable with and stay consistent. It could be placing him in his pack in play for a minute.  I had a friend who would "smooch" her son. A smooch was a little pinch on his booty.  So when they were in public she could say smooch and no one would know what was going on but it allowed her to stay consistent in her discipline. 

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