So yesterday had to be one of the worst days of my life.  It started out with a phone call from my SIL that said she just found out that she's being deployed to iraq.  She leaves on Thursday for training for 30days and then she's gone.  So here I am less than a week after DH ships out and now his sister is too.  She was supposed to be my birth partner!  I am now ALONE for this baby!!  I have a few friends here that I guess I could call when it comes time, but really, I don't know how reliable they are you know?  I'm not saying they aren't but I don't KNOW that they are either...does that make sense? 

Anyway, so she tells me she's getting deployed and then tells me her job description...apparantly she's going to be a 2nd gunner.  Great.  They are the people who ride in the back of the humvee feeding ammo into the big gun on the front...untill the guy manning that gun gets shot (heaven forbid!) and then she takes over that job.  Awesome, just awesome.  So now I have to figure out if I am going to go through the hassle of switching doctors this late in the pregnancy and go back home with my parents or try to stay here and tough it out here on my own.

Ok so that's like in the front of my mind when she and I go to the movies as planned earlier in the week.  We leave DD with her fiance to babysit.  No big deal I trust him and he's a good guy.  The air conditioner is broken in their apartment though so he's going to take her over to his cousins house.  Again, no big deal, I just make sure to emphasize that their dog needs to stay out as she has shown agression towards DD on a few occasions.

So here we are at the movie and the opening credits just finish when SIL gets a phone call...sure enough it's fiance saying DD got bit!  So we leave the theater, SIL is in a rage and super calm (totally not like me btw).  I talk to fiance on the phone a little trying to figure out how bad is it and where did she get bit, does he think it's gonna need stitches all that.  SO we get to where they are and DD is upset (naturally) but okay.  She has a cut about 1/2 an inch beneath her eye that is still bleeding slightly but otherwise no worse for wear.  I debated for a few minutes weather or not I thought it was bad enough to go to the hospital for then remember that we have Tri-Care medical bills!  YAY Navy!!  Ok so I decide that yes, we are going to the hospital just in case...well to keep a long story from getting longer, DD got 3 stitches.  She's fine now, I haven't tried to put the ointment on it yet so I'm not sure how that's gonna go, but she's really no worse for wear.

Now...tell the HELL am I supposed to NOT STRESS when this is what I'm dealing with??

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:17 PM Geez!!! That was a bad day for you! I'm glad Cassandra is okay. Poor girl! I understand if you decide to go back home for the baby. You gotta do what you gotta do to have help! But if you do decide to stay down there then I will be there for you as much as I can. I can't promise I will be able to be in the hospital with you (that is if you felt comfortable with that) but I will watch Cassandra for you no matter what time you need me too! And if you do want me to go to the hospital with you and Josh is able too, I'm sure he wouldn't mind watching the kids. Well I hope things start getting better for you! It sucks that you are already having this much stress shortly after Wes shipped out! See you guys soon!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:48 PM I wish I was closer sweetie. Just remember She will provide what is needed when it is needed. She always does.

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