Danny kept begging to go to a store.  I finally got out of him what he wanted from the store and it was one of those kid computers that look like a laptop and play games.  I figured with his surgery coming up and the amount of time we will be in the hospital that it would be something for him to play with there so I could splurge and get it for him.  I braved the trip to walmart with him.  It was just the two of us which is rare.  After we found the computer for him I decided while we were there to get some shorts for myself before we left.  Big mistake.  First he went running off through the womans clothes pulling the little baggies of buttons off the clothes.  I grab him and try my best to explain why he could not do that.  I tell him to stay right next to me and the cart.  I got distracted for a moment trying to find my size when I hear the deafening alarm as Danny comes running to me with that look of pure panic on his face.  He had tried to open the fire door which was right next to the rack of shorts i was looking at.  I mistakenly thought he knew better about those doors.  Needless to say our trip ended rather quickly after that.

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