UGh, my body feels so worn out. I had a horrible dream last night-that just wouldn't end no matter how many times I woke up and tried to "turn the channel".


Dan's mom had taken him to work, somehow, they ended up in a horrible wreck. She was not seriously injured but Dan had gotten severely injured and ended up dying. No one called me and said anything until he had already passed even though he was able to be visted in the hospital. Later the day of the incident, someone said something about why they didn't call me sooner and it was because the accident caused him to act "weird" and he was all crazy. I don't know. It was a really fuzzy dream. Strange and cool at the same time at some points because I ended up in the high school where I went trying to talk to my old art teacher. As I was talking to her this scene of the aaccident was swirling in my head and the entire building was swirling...I can hardly put it into words but it looked kinda cool in my dream. Anyways, I then say a local man who I used to buy fish from-Mike Bukosky. His wife (the Associate principle at my high school) walking the hall with another teacher. I approached him and broke down asking him how he finds the strength to get up every day after Jenn died. I told him what happened and everything and he just started to cry. His wife (in real life) had just picked up her 2 kids, and their friend from school and was at a stop light when a former doctor high on a cocktail of prescription drugs smashed into the back of her going between 50-60 mph. Jenn, her unborn baby, and her daughter all died. Her son and the friend survived. The doctor still doesn't think he did anything wrong. My post is swaying from its original purpose-I get rather fired up about this.


Well, no matter how many times I woke up during this nightmare, the minute I went to sleep I would pick up right back where I was in this mess. It was just horrible. My heart has felt broken all day because Dan is at work and I think I need a hug, lol!

I hate dreams like this, I really do. 

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Jun. 9, 2008 at 3:27 PM

I hate dreams like this too. I often have dreams of either me and my family or just my family perishing in the car while sinking in some kind of large body of water. It's hard to shake those dreams from your mind.

Don't worry though! Your life is wonderful and this will never happen. *knock on wood*

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