so far, all we know is that someone stole a utility truck, smashed through our gate, broke into the office, got car keys, moved a few cars, doused the premisses with gas lit it on fire, and stole a car. the building is completely gone, except 1 wall....7 cars were burned, 2 were damaged.

the landlord is holding us responsible for the building.

insurance is covering some of the vehicles. we have a 2000.00 deductible....and we also have to replace our personal (business) content of the building...4 computers, phone system, printers, fax machine, all the supplies etc.

best i can tell, it was not for monetary gain. we found a burned $ 20.00 bill yesterday while moving the burned cars. we also found the ashes of the 4 computer towers. of course the monitors etc, we still haven't "placed", but it is all rubble, so we don't really expect to....most of our clients are not going to pay us until insurance settles....and it has already cost us 1500.00 just to get re-started.

we are drained emotionally as well as financially...and we don't see an end to the finance any time soon. we feel really fortunate to have friends and family who have been so quick to help out.

sadly...if i could just get another Tow Mater trike for Austin, i think it will be "all better".

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