I grew up in a very small town in Oklahoma. It was in the area of the Manchester/Wakita area. I used to think that I wanted to get away from there and never go back. But now, I stop and look back since i have gotten a little bit older and realize that it wasnt that bad, Yes, it could have been better. But i think now that living in a small town has more benifits than living in a big city. Because i know now that in places like that you have a sense of security and trust within the town and ur neighboors. you arent afraid that your kids will be walking to school and get kidnapped and ull never see them again;. there is still a chance of something happeneing. but its less likley in a smaller town than in a bigger city. 

 I really think that i had the chance and thought tht both me and jeremy and our soon to be here baby girl would be happy there then i would move back in a heart beat, not just because it is my home, but because it has the most qualities and potential to become my husbands and daughters home as well. 

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