days like this makes me wish I had moved to another state when I was younger like I wanted to, of course now i still want to but DH would never leave his family (I asked him yesterday) but I have come to learn that I can only handle so much family at a time, like once or twice a year. Yeah if I was gone I would miss them but at the same time we would get along so much better on those few occasions a year that we do see each other.  we See DH fam (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma) once a year and we get along great I know if we lived closer it would probably be different.

but living so close to family (mostly my family) I just fee like I can't be my self.  If I do anything atleast one will bitch and moan about it or if I say anything about ANYTHING (person, place or thing) my mom will complain to me about it every time she talks to me for the next 2 I am constantly trying to watch what I say and do just so I don't' have to hear every one else complain, it's not that I care what they think I just don't want to hear about it!!  (my mother needs a friend so she doesn't always gossip and complain to me about everything I can't take it much more)

I was just on the phone with my mom and I was going to go over to her house to work on her computer for her and while i was on the phone I asked if she would watch my kids later to go see a friends baby at the hospital IF they have it today (she's in labor so probably will have it today but who knows it might not be until really late) any ways and in stead of just saying yes not a problem or no I'm busy tonight....she says   "oh well uh.....thats not that great of news.....I guess I can take the kids but why would you want to go see them, it's not like that marriage is going to last......I guess it is still HIS baby but still what's so great? why would you want to go see that baby?"  oh my gosh I was so pissed I hung up on her...needless to say she can fix her own darn computer!!  I'll ask my sis in law to watch my kids for me!

she has known this guy since he was like 12.....has worked with his mom for the last 15 or so years (very small company only like maybe 15 or so people work there)  and knows he is my DH's good friend. and yet she still put him down for no reason, she has never met his wife and has barely ever talked to him, just hears stuff at work from all the gossip that goes on there with those old ladies.  but to be so hateful about the birth of an innocent baby, what the heck!!!  he is a good father and a nice person, yeah he has made some stupid decisions before but haven't we all?  I know my mom has!!!  so she has no right to say stuff about any one!  oh I'm still mad!

and I can't say anything about this to my DH because he already doesn't like my mom (don't blame him since she tried telling me to leave him for my ex and was saying we wouldn't last more than 6 months (here it is 7 YEARS later) and still to this day tells me to leave him (but I dont' let him know about that either but i think he might have figured it out)) and if I say anything to him about this all he will say is "so don't talk to her any more" I"m sorry I would love to stop talking to her but I love my dad and I can't just see him with out seeing her they live together, and plus my kids have a right to know their grandmother and make their own opinion on her. I just wish I could raise my kids MY way with no interference from any one else and be able to live my life MY way!!!!

I am just so stressed out from always getting ticked off by her and not being able to say anything to any one about it because I don't want to start drama in the family, but I"m starting to get really bitchy myself from always keeping it in and it's like a slow air leak one of these days I'm just gonna blow!!  I need to get away from it all!  I would love to move again....when I lived 40 minutes from here I NEVER seen or heard from my mom, she didnt' call me because she was mad I moved and she said I lived to far to was so nice!!!!  and now i"m stuck living here 5 miles from her because DH doesn't want to move again! 

like what every one tells me "just learn to deal with it" I'm trying I really am but some times I need a break or in this case a good venting session!!!  hope you all don't mind!! 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:39 PM

yea like I said before, I don't think your mom & I would get along too well.  I do TONS better with my family living 900+ miles away so I know where you are coming from!!! In the mean time we can always get together, have a few drinks & bitch about the people we don't like! I really think we need to have a bitchfest night really soon!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:57 PM

Just do what I do.....don't give a shit what other or not...think of you, your husband, or your parenting. You have caller I.D. so if you don't feel like talking to your mom....don't pick up the phone. Id you do end up talking on the phone....just let it go in one ear and out of the other. Don't take the criticism to heart.....or just think of an excuse to get off of the phone. I would try to not have her babysit when you need a sitter.....especially if she is just going to huff and puff when you ask.

I used to live far far away from my family (one good thing about the army) and yeah, it was nice. The phone conversations were far and few between...and were not wasted on dumb gossip or lectures. Yes, it was nice.....but it seeme like when you have kids, it is a helluva lot harder to just uproot and leave. Especially if Joe isn't on board. And then what would Dan do without his secret lover living close by??? lol

Just look forward to the day.....18 years from now...when the kids are out of the house, and you can finally have a social life again....with more money(since you won't be spending up the wazoo on groceries and stuff anymore).....and then living in Indiana with nosy family won't be so bad. :)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:57 PM sounds fun!  just tell me the day time and place

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:00 PM LOL  yeah I didn't think about what it would do to Dan, maybe that's why joe won't agree to moving away, he doesn't want to loose dan to travis again LMAO

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:51 AM Dan and Travis have broken up...for now. lol

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