Alright here this might sound a bit strange, but I decided to start on a path to look for my brothers and sisters that were adopted out.  Sadly I am the only one that got to stay with family.  My dad took me when I was about seven and none of the other dads maned up.  So here is the scoop...

If you know someone that was adopted from the Santa Cruz, CA area that are these ages please let me know they might be my brothers or sisters.  I just want to reconnect with them.


1. Male 20 21 maybe as old as 22 (these things are fuzzy in my mind... he was just a baby when we were taken)  I know his name was Caleb but a baby that young could have had his name changed

2.  Female 16 or 15 or maybe 15... her name is Kayla... I think she was adopted about the age of 3-4

3.  Male 12, 13 or maybe 14 his name was Roger I think he was adopted as a baby too so his name might have changed. 



The mother of these children are all the same.  She is also my mother.  Her name is Christina Sells.  If you know anything please contact me.  You may PM me or my e-mail address is  . 


Thank you so much for you help and please pass this on!

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