I was a tad bit worried this morning. He's a very special child that doesn't take change very well. He's been in preschools for 2 years now and every time it's a new place, I worry. He didn't cry. (And what's more, I didn't cry!) He walked around the room and looked at the different corners. We saw a cool display with plants growing. About 5-6 different tables. He sat down at a table that was practicing weaving pipe cleaners through canvas holes. He took to that quickly.

I knew he was going to be ok when I said "Ethan, I'm gonna go now." and he yelled back "OK Mommy!"

The kids were supposed to bring in a snack (and I forgot--- Bad Mommy!!") so I ran back home and got a snack and juice together for him. I snuck in and heard him say to his teacher "I have hazel eyes!" LOL.

All is well in my world.

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