We have 16 days until we move to Washington and I have not found one available place yet! I don't know if there is any available military housing for us there yet. I don't know who to contact or if I can contact anyone. There is no Coast Guard base, my hubby will be working on a Navy base, but as far as I know, Military housing is technically available to all active military.

I have been looking online for weeks, and every place I put an inquiry on is not available! It is getting very old and frustrating! I know that we won't be setting anything official up over the internet, but it would be nice to get an appointment to view a place! Seriously, I wish we had never gotten a dog! That is causing a huge problem with finding a place. We need  a place (preferably a house) that is over 850 sq-ft, has 2 bedrooms and some form of a back yard. Oh yeah and that allows dogs over 20 pounds, I think our lab is about 30.  Also it can't be any more than $1,000 a month. I guess that is just too many requirements.

I am fine with living in military housing if it is available to us. We were supposed to be getting a packet from my hubby's sponsor in the mail about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived! That packet is supposed to have all of the info we need for finding a place. My hubby emailed the guy trying to make sure they have our correct address and everything, and the guy emailed him back saying he would make sure everything was right. So far we still have receive nothing!  I am just getting kind of nervous here. Things need to start falling into place or I am going to freak out!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:12 PM I know it can be frustrating but all will work out in the end. Just take a deep breath, calm down and write down all available resources..go through step by step. take a break and get to work. you will find something. Good luck.

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