I think my mama must have come from some dark age WAY back when only she & God remembers in order to find the crappy old lady names she heaped on all of us!  I mean, she has a story for each one, but I still don't see how folks manage to get away with certain names before a certain age.  For now we will forget the sibling's names (but I feel compelled to mention them!): Amanda, Marie, Dami, Elaine, Andrea, Leigh, Donna, Renee, James, & Roger!  Ewww!  All except "James," of course because I named the boy that one!

But more to the point: Martha Diane.  Who names people this?  My name has always and forever been the bane of my existence and until the day I die will continue to do so!  I am named in honor of my dad's mom and sister, respectively.  Yes, named after women born ages before when these crap names were actually mainstream.  Ugh.  Thanks and praises be to God who granted Mama the decency to shorten the crap up a bit to MarDi!  Which brings us to the one thing that could possibly be worse than the given name "Martha Diane."


Or moreover, learning to rhyme in school.  Oh, yeah.  I'm going there!

I learned from kindergarten to never pass gas in public for fear of "Farty Mardi" having cause to stick!  I sat in school and kept my genius IQ shut because though it may be a compliment of sorts, "Smarty Mardi" never sat well either.  And every attempt to reign in my chastity was maintained because though I liked to go out with my friends I would never sink so low as to the trolloppy "Party Mardi."  I was called all of these by some clever malcontent at one time or another in school.  So, though not as bad, my name has always grated on my nerve... the last one I have!

Oh, and just in case you have ever wondered if God has a sense of humor, guess what last name He saddled me with!  My maiden name is "Peace."

Now go laugh at someone else!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:00 PM Wow I am sorry. I guess your mom didn't sit and think of all the rhyming that mean kids do in Elementary school. But I think Mardi is a great way to combine Martha and Diane. But little kids are very mean.

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Jun. 8, 2008 at 7:51 AM I luv your name!  Wear it well, kiddo!!   =)   

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