We encountered some severe weather in our area this past Friday night.  Late in the night (12:00pm ish) there were tornado warnings sounding in the area.....I'll tell you what, my husband was on his way home from work, leaving me at home alone with our DD who was sound asleep in her bed upstairs.  I was scared instantly beyond all I could imagine.  I tried to get a hold of my husband, but he had left his cell phone at home and was in transit between work and home, and I was trying to play out in my head exactly what I should do with my DD.  Should I wake her up, let her sleep???  And since we do not have a basement, where is the best place that I would take DD if I needed to?  Let me just say that I was totally relieved when DH came walking through the back door......I don't know what I would do without him.  He always thinks so clearly in those situations....I guess all the training that he received from the Fire department actually works.  I love him and our daughter and am blessed that nothing happened to us or any of our loved ones.  A tornado did touch down and demolished a few homes about 20 miles from us....Thank God that we were being watched that night.  Situations like that really make you count your blessings and think more highly about life and family.

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