Well another memorial day camp-out is under my belt and again we had a blast! We had alot of laughs (alot of laughing combined with tears), some drinking and some really good stories. It all started off with me coming home from work on Wed to help Brett pack the car-yes I said car, we decided to take the station wagon due to gas prices, fun, fun. Well bless his heart he already had the car basically loaded, only we still had 2 coolers, a chain saw, gas for said chain saw, and THE DOG-to load! Well we will worry about that in the morning! HEHEHEHEHE, first mistake! So in the morning we casually get up around 7ish-since we didnt have any kids we were able to sleep in! So Im running around trying to remember everything from the freezer/fridge food, to the dogs stuff! And Brett is taking his time-shaving his head! Ok, ok I was not going to bitch, afterall we are on vacation-but I want to get on the road and get out to the woods! So around 8am my brother calls from the camp-spot to find out where on the road are we-welllllllllllllllll we are still at home I tell him, he laughed and said he would see us in a few hours! hmmm ok! We still have to figure out how to get the rest of the crap in the car, and the dog! So after bretts finished with his freshly shaved head, he gave me a hand. Well it ended up almost everything fit in the car, and since it is illegal to strap a live animal to the roof, we elected to put the cooler up on the top of the car-not the dog! So the dog had about a 3ft by 4ft area to lounge around in plus he got a window seat-he could stare out at anyone following us-lucky dog!  So finally 830 we are on the road WOOOHOOOO! Oh wait we need to get sunglasses for brett since he broke his the day before-darn-it! So we stop in Shelton and find some that suit him, now he is joking that the sunglasses will leave a even funnier tan line on his freshly shaved head! So back in the car, pull out the map and head on down the road. The drive wasnt too bad, finally we hit white pass, and thats where I decided I really couldnt hold my pee any longer, I had to pee since shelton, but didnt want to waste the time emptying my bladder-stupid me! So we found what is considered a rest stop and stopped. Ok I was soooo happy, I can pee! Well the happiness was very short lived! I went into the womens bathroom and sat my happy ass down on the toilet seat-HOLY CRAP! Stainless steel toilet seat vs. warm butt-not a good combo! I swear my butt stuck to it, like a tongue on a freezing pole! WOW! I actually couldnt breathe for a few mins! ok ok, kelly, relax and pee-very,very hard to do when your ass is clenching! Ok I did it! Now time to wash the hands-WTF is up with this place! No hot water only freezing ass cold water-grrrrrrrrrr! OH WELL! My theory on the stainless steel toilet seat is that its soooo fricking cold 1. germs wont want to stick to either for fear of never getting off, 2. people have to hover on it, so no germs anyway! Well After that episode I decide Angus must have to go now, after all he has been in the car 3 hrs now, so I let him out and after sniffing around for 10mins and never going, I load him back up in his spot in the back of the car. We get going again and ooo and aaaahing over white pass which is absolutely beautiful with its snow and waterfalls, we finally get to the woodshed restaurant/gas station.  At this point we decide that we need gas and ice-but wait! The only gas station around is closed!!! OMG now what? Welp lets head to squaw rock-just up the road-or I thought so! After a good 25 mile trip we find it! Gas and food-hells yeah! So we decide to eat a last meal, and got ice, which also meant unstrapping the cooler from the roof-it had sooo many dead bugs on it-I laughed and laughed! We got too much ice and ended up using the cooler just for ice and putting the food on the floor under my feet-fun,fun. I just cant believe how much crap 2 people and 1 dog can bring camping! Its about 1 in the afternoon and we finally start up the road to camp, oh wait that jeep looks familiar-hey its my bro! He got a little worried about us and was looking for us! So we followed him back to camp. Bumpy road vs. station wagon! We learnt if you drive turtle slow, the ole wagon can go anywhere!!!!! LOL. So we make it to camp and start to set up our condo tent! It took the guys an hour to set it up, we had just bought it and have never set it up before-it was huge!!! The ceilings in it are 7+feet tall! WOW, a little overkill in the tent department! OH WELL! Then we set up our raised bed air mattress-that thing was awesome, looked like a real bed! Then we started looking around and noticed what we thought was a little doggie door in the side of the tent-hmmm whats that? So I read the 10 page manual on the tent to find out. Its a beverage door! OMG! we laughed and laughed about that-how fricking plush was this tent? I guess you put a cooler just on the other side and you can unzip the door to reach in your cooler-cool, a party tent! Then we noticed a small zipper on the other wall-ok whats that? Again reach for the manual-its a power cord zipper, OMG you can have a tv in here! LOL. Again how plush is this tent? Well after setting up camp we head out in the jeep to find out if my uncle and cousins are camped in there spot yet? We ended up not finding them but we did take some cool pics of the mountains and of the "forest fire"! Yep the forest was on fire! And it was done-on purpose!!!!! Thank god they put signs up stating that it was a controlled burn. There were alot of firefighters, so we felt safe-sort of! How safe can you feel, camping in the woods, not near a river, in a car that you cant go over turtle speed to get out? Oh well!  We also found some snow, so me and my dog played in it, then I fell through it-that was not all that fun-sorta cold! Hmmm make note that even tho the top layer of snow is crusty, when you break through that, you cant move very fast! Well we went back to camp after that, and thats when my older sister michelle called-yep got reception in camp-yeah! i also figured out what i forgot-you know how you have that feeling that you forget something everytime and you cant sleep till you figure it out-well I forgot my toothbrush, and bretts! UGH! Finger brushing here we come.Michelle and Tony and elijah were coming up tonight instead of tomorrow. So we stayed up late waiting for them and there trailer to make it-they did around 930. So we all helped them set up camp and all went to bed, yep pretty boring night but oh well we have 4 more to go!

     We get up friday morning to a drizzle-well thats ok, at least it will help with the forest fires. So we bundle up in our winter clothes and trek out near the campfire. Do you hear that? Hmmm what is that? Oh crap heres mom and dad! Man they sure made good time! Its 10 am and its already chaotic! Mom and dad brought the 3 grandkids with them, so they were turned loose and were running around. We all helped them set up camp and had breakfast. After a while we all took a little hike to check out the river-wow it sure was swollen! Im glad we didnt get our normal spot this year on the river! Well we really didnt do too much on friday the weather was kinda cloudy so we stayed in camp for the most part. Later that night my sister colleen came. My brother put up signs, he did it his way, i felt bad for colleen. It was late at night and we were starting to worry about colleen and if she found the place yet. And then we notice a jeep in the bottom part of the meadow driving by us. HMMMMMM was that her or just another camper? Oh well, darin put up signs- couldnt be her! Well in fact it was her, I guess darin put on the signs to come to the bottom of the hill and take a right-she didnt read the small print! So she drove until she couldnt go any more-the road was blocked by a tree, and on one side was a cliff and the other side was a rock bluff! So she figured it out that we werent camped there! She had randy walk behind her to back her out of the tight situation! Finally we saw the headlights again-hey I really think thats colleen! So we started flashing our flashlights at her, and screaming like mad, finally she came up the road to our camp and boy oh boy was she pissed!!!!!!! At darin for his stupid signs-he is no longer on the sign committee thank you-hes fired! Welp after they got all settled in we all went to bed. Well we tried-kayiah screamed for a long,long.long.long time. Well at least we knew that no animals would come into camp with our kayiah alarm set!

     Saturday morning we got up to a beautiful day! Sun shining, birds singing, smoke from the forest fires billowing through camp-ohhhhhhh fresh air-cough, choke, wipe eyes. So Brett was nice and cooked everyone breakfast, and afterwards just the two of us went on a hike towards lake mcdanials. We ended up at the rock quarry just watching the river and talking, it was very nice and romantic. We walked back to camp and then colleen decides that we need to sign the bridge that we always sign every year. So we all climb into her jeep (10 of us) and off we go! We must have looked like a clown car, all 10 of us piling out onto the road with markers and such! LOL. So we crawl under the bridge and sign it. We are the only ones that sign it, so our names are still there from last year! Including the whore and the asshole! So of course-marker in hand I done changed there names to something a little more appropriate! LOL. And I signed it for Brett and I then randy got the marker and went crazy! DO NOT EVER GIVE A BLACK MAN A MARKER AND LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! LOL, lets just say he left his mark. Luv ya rans! Brett and I elected to walk back to camp by ourselves, again very fun. We got back to camp and played a little horseshoes and lawn darts and a little drinking, and posing on the hood of the jeep in a bikini-hey alcohol makes you do fun stuff!  Then my uncle keith and my cousin ian came down and uncle keith gave me a few shots of his irish mist whiskey-wooo baby! Now I am feeling no pain! Colleen and brett decide that we need more beer at this point-so its a field trip to naches! Whooooohooooo take me, take me, take me. They reluctantly let me ride in the jeep with them, not in the front seat tho! Hmmm dont know why? So i climb in the back and try to roll the window down, damn, its locked! Colleens telling me to put on my seatbelt, which I declare in a not sooo soberish way that No I dont have too-tongue sticking out and all! Then i decide that if i put on my seatbelt she had to unlock the window! We fought for a few mins-going back and forth finally I put on my seatbelt and she unlocks the window which then I promptly start screaming out it-woooohooooooo! Window was promptly rolled back up and I lost my window privileges-well shit, now what to do, what to do? We finally get into Naches and buy the beer and head back up to camp. I was pretty sure i was done drinking for night, but brett wasnt-thats ok! We got back to camp and relaxed around the fire pit for a long time and went to bed.

   Got up sunday morning, it was ok looking out, not raining tho-yeah! So we get up hang around camp, and colleen decides to go for a nature hike with michael and elijah, so off they go tromping through the woods. A little over an hour goes by an I see colleen running like hell towards camp through a marsh, looking scared as shit! WTF is going on? Well you see colleen is deathly afraid of thunder and someone was shooting a high powered rifle and she thought it was thunder and panicked! She took off, with the nephews-who knew what it was-sauntering back to camp, they found the dry way to cross the marsh, colleen didnt care, went right through it! So now elijah jokes about thunder run! Brett and i and michael went for another walk and went up to where the fires were and took pics and such. Then we played badminton with elijah and michael and later that evening went on another hike to where colleen ended up when she didnt read the signs right! That was a cool hike, colleen is fortunate she did have randy help back her out of it tho, it was scary! So we walked the road out and it ended up on the main road to come in on, no worries I say-its not that far to camp on the road! HEHEHEHE ok! So we walked and walked, and walked finally after and hour we get back to camp, its almost dark now. We kick back at the fire with everyone and just visited. Well a little later, michelle and colleen and i decided  to use the buddy system and go pee in the cool outhouse tony had built for camping. So off we go with michelle and I having the lights. We get to the outhouse and they decide that I should go in first-cool no prob! So I get in, lock the door, and sit my happy ass down (my ass is happy cuz its not stainless steel) All of a sudden I hear a commotion outside the door-"what is that? omg what is that?" and then I hear michelle taking off towards the camp at a run, colleen screaming at her to turn the light back on, and michelle is just screaming! Colleen then starts to knock and is screaming to "open the door, open the door, open the door"! At this point I have no clue WTF is going on, on the other side of the outhouse door.Im thinking its a bear or something, So pants still around my ankles I reach for the door lock and then I hear giggling "its just angus". OMG my sisters got freaked out over my dog! You see earlier in the evening they put on a glow in the dark bracelet on his collar so they could see him-hes a black lab and hard to see in the dark-well he followed us up to the outhouse and scared the crap out of them! LOL so thats a big joke now in our family "open the door" is a phrase we will use forever! Well thats the end of our camping trip, the next morning we packed up and went home. Sorry this was long, but it was sooo fun.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:05 PM

DRUNK GIRL!  "Jesse Jones, King 5 News", "was that thunder, Im bout to pass out", "open the door, open the door, OPEN THE DOOR", "no lantern, here, use my candle holder, wait the citranella is much better"

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:31 PM I want to camping with you!!!! Sounds like you guys had a blast...love the tent!!!!!!

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