On May 29th, 2008 I did it! I decided to get my gul bladder removed. I did it because It had been a HUGE pain. Literally! It has been causing so much trouble. It has been so hard to eat different foods, and avoid the inevitable attack. So We talked to a surgen and a few days later i was going in to have my surgery. Now, I have never had ANY kind of surgery before. Yes, i have had 3 beautiful children, but not the same. I went in they prepped me, at 10, and of course i was as nervous as i could be! I didnt know what to expect and I definatly didnt know what to expect after it was done. Well they had to take certain percausions, bc i have a factor 5 leiden (blood mutation,gives you a slighly higher risk of getting a blood clot) and because i had a blood clot in 2003 they decided that i needed heprin (shot of blood thinnner in tummy) and these stylish compression stockings. Then i also had these other things on my legs that pushed warm water through them  throughout surgery (it mimics circulation). So then after they put the IV in they told my hubby he could come in. He sat till they were ready. OH i almost forgot. When the drug guy came in to tell me how they would put me out, they also told me that they had to put a breathing tube down my throat. AHHHH!  well he said that i wont remember bc it will be placed in when i am out, and taken out before i wake up, YAHHH! So then the last thing i remember is the lights in the operating room. I wake up to a nurse trying to give me a pill and some water. i had such a dry thoat i didnt know how i was going to swallow that pill, but i did! but after that i couldnt stay awake! I was sooooo sleepy. So they sent ryan (hubby) to get food, and let me sleep. They finally let him come in. He said that i have to stay awake and they will let me go home, so i was tryign with everything i had! It wasnt working. Well they slowly got me up and in a chair, took out my IV and gave me a drink. BUt i couldnt keep it down at first. Then it got better and i JUST wanted to go home and sleep. SO they gave me (i mean Ryan) my instructions. and we were off to go home. We got home, and i went right to bed. I slept a lot the first two days, but now i am moving, doing diapers (YAY...lol) laundry and dishes. and some other things too. I havent picked up my boys yet, which was a struggle day two. (Jered Feaked out, he cried and cried saying "momy take me, take me!!!" enough to break a mothers heart!) BUt i am better. and feeling better to! Well i must run and do a diaper. God bless.

PS i am eating better now too!  

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:03 PM

i hope you feel better soon when i had mine out my mom came to las vegas and took my daughter and kept her for acouple of weeks so i could get well with out her wanting me to pick her up etc

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