I am a fairly new member of Cafemom, so I am speaking from limited experience.  I have, however, spent a great deal of time since becoming a member, in the journaling section.  I have come across some really random posts, some confusing posts, some wonderfully informing posts, some spiritually uplifting posts, and some downright mean posts. 

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that this is a forum for voicing our opinions (as I just so happen to be doing now) and for discussing (sometimes heatedly) different ideas and situations.  So I am in no way, shape, or form attempting to put anyone down with this post.  So if you are taking it to heart, rest assured that I am singling absolutely NO ONE out...just merely speculating on what I have witnessed. 

Through Cafemom, I have met some wonderful email friends, I have learned some really great information, I have been offended at times (mostly b/c I am admittedly oversensitive), and I am most certain that I have offended others on here. 

That being said, I will say this.  Post what you want to post....Say what you want to say....Comment how you want to comment.....but don't bash other people for what they write.  Just because someone may  post a journal that you may not agree with, it doesn't give you the right to bash them for posting it.  It does, however, give you the right to comment with YOUR OPINION and you shouldn't be bashed for that either.   This is, afterall, a public forum...any post that you don't want read or commented on should be kept private...thus the privacy opition at the bottom of the page.   On the same hand, if you make a controversial or otherwise "unpopular" comment, rest assured that you are going to get some attention for it....so think twice if you aren't sure you can handle the heat. 

I think this is a wonderful place for moms' to get together and lift each other up, become friends and hash out differences of opinion.   I love to see a juicy post and then the differences of opinions being posted underneath it.  Its refreshing to be apart of a group of women who don't all have the same "cookie cutter" ideas.  What bothers me about the whole situation is that when a "left field" comment is made, all the other mom's that don't agree with her gang up on her and call her (mind these are words I have seen used) "stupid" "retarded" "pathetic" "poor excuse for a mother"....the list goes on and on. Having a difference of opinion and hashing it out is great...but do it maturely.  Name calling and things of this nature just make you seem ignorant. 

I will end with this....come on here to do what you do.  But just remember...as mom's we have to wear many hats and we all need a place that we feel lifted up and supported.  So the next time you are reading a post and someone comments with something you don't agree with, take a minute....reread what she said...think about it from her point of view before you verbally attack her.  She may just have a valid point. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:05 PM I ATTEMP to offer advice, HOWEVER if a person writes a post that is down-rite nasty, false ect...i don't hold back...If they are going to let it all hang out..I shall also..but I do not curse or resort to being vulgar..We should be all MOM'S here and it shocks me what some mom's say...

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