I am getting so tired of it all.... My husband.... I swear in his eyes i am still a teen and i never do anything right. To him, i never talk. To him i never remember. To him i never listen. I have given so much up for him. I gave up having friends. I gave up trying to connect with my brothers and my sister. I cant get a job because i cant pay for a babysiter or get there. So that sets me up to, everythign i own is my husbands because he paid for it.... I never seem to do anything right. I would say the reason why he keeps me around. But i feel its not appropriate to say. NO it isnt something horrible. It is just something that i shouldnt say. But sometimes, i just want to scream at him then walk out the door. Leave for a while. I love him... I love him so much. That is why I am still here. Because I am putting up with it. Because that is what you do when you love someone so much. You put up with their crap. And still love them for all their flaws......

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