So today drake and i are sitting there and watching some T.V. when i decide that as an after lunch treat that he and i can "share" a cupcake. (i made some for seth to take to school today) well i was going to let drake lick some of the frosting off the top when he decided to try and shove the whole thing in his mouth. that quickly escalated to frosting being smeared all over me, our hands, his mouth, cheeks, forehead, shirt, arms and legs. yea, we were a mess. i was laughing so hard that i didn't notice that he had grabbed my coffee cup (don't freak out it was almost cold i was busy and didn't get to drink it hot. that happens a lot!) and he dumps it all over himself, me and the couch and floor. when i was done panicing (for like 1.2 seconds) i looked at him and he was smiling so big. i couldn't help but laugh. even as i was cleaning up him, myself and floor and couch i was still laughing. he thought it was funny as well.

so i thought i would share that with everyone. now i know that everyone won't find that as amusing as myself, but i just thought i would give you some insight to what most of my days are like.

OH! got to go, hes waking up.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:08 PM lol that is a moment you will never get

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