Life here is pretty good, the weekend wasn't too bad. I had the stomach ache all day on sunday due to the poor choice of getting taco bell too late on a saturday night. So I stayed home from work and rested and then around 3pm when I started feeling better, I got some things done around the house. Andy and I are getting along pretty well. The kids are happily playing in the pool. and life is sweet on Michigan Road

I praise God every day for my current friends and for my new friends. And a prayer that I've been praying for over three months now was answered today with a "yes"....I've had a pen pal that I lost touch with and she was in my thoughts and so I sent her one more card and then left it up to the Lord to see if she would write back and she, I feel as if the power of thinking positive and praying positive is working for me. There are many other people that I would like to regain friendships with, and I am going to keep on working with the positive thought that they will get in touch with me again.

Love to all,


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