Well, my birthday hasn't been too bad...David took the morning off, and we went to the mall. He had already given me my gifts last night, I got a cooling pad for my laptop, and a "Bamboo", which is a pen and pad for the computer. It's GREAT!

Anyway, today we went to the mall, got a couple of presents for Amber at the Disney Store, got a present for Kiara, and came home. I had a good time. We were at the mall yesterday too, and got Kia's ears pierced...she's been wanting that for a while! LOL

Now, I'm home, and I have to bake cupcakes for Kia's class tomorrow, and the girls are baking me a cake, and I think David has something planned for tonight. *WHEW!*

All in all, not bad for my birthday...let's see how I feel this weekend when Kiara's having 8 kids over for a sleepover party!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:18 PM at least you get to come here sunday and get waited on!

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