So my dh and i really started to do good and being able to finally catch up on everything.. Yeah, right!!!!  No just when we think we are okay something else happens..

Our refrigerator, and ferness brakes...... man this sucks!!!!!

 So we have no extra money to get either fixed, but luckily we are able to reset the defrost timer on the frig to keep it working, but it is a pain in the butt.. I have to thaw out the freezer everynight and defrost the coils in the back of the freezer, i have to do this by using my hair dryer... and it takes so long..

Now for the ferness, WE HAVE NO AIR CONDITIONING... We live in a piece of crap mobile home ( it is under my brother's name, we moved in here to help him out 3 yrs ago. but he neglected to tell us everything that was wrong with this place...)    There is no shade, there was a leak before we moved in so all he did was get tar paper back on the roof and no shingles, and now all we have is one window air for the entire place and that does not do jack when it is 85 to 90 degrees in your house. That fact that we live in GA and it is only getting hotter and hotter by the day.  Man this sucks...

So now we are waiting on the stim. check so we can move YEAH!!!!! Something i have been waiting to do for the last 2 years..

Hopefully this will finally be the new start we are looking for, when and if it ever happens!!!!!!!!!

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