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My lilttle Jacob is 3 months old today. HOLY COW!!!! I seems like just yesterday that he was making his debute. He goes to the Dr on Monday. I'm looking forward to see how much more he's grown. I'm not looking forward to it because he's getting some of his shots. I am not looking forward to him being cranky. He is getting so big. I'm happy and sad at the same time. I'm happy because he IS getting bigger. I'm sad because he is my baby and this will be the last "first" for us.

Well, on a different note. We are now the owners of a 4-6 week old grey long haired male kitten. i was in the bathroom cleaning and I heard something. I thought it was a mouse at first because we are having an issue with mice since our house is surrounded by pastures. Then I heard it again and this time I realized it was a cat meow. I was a little confused at first and I heard it again. Ok so I grab the flash light and head outside to the back of the house to go into the root celler. I open the door and hear it again. I start looking for it and I hear it again except this time it was on the other side of the door that leads from the root celler to under the house. (There are two doors to access the crawlspace under the house.) I turned the flashlight on and sart ooking aroud. I don't see anything nor do I hear it anymore. I KNOW my mind isn't playing tricks on me. I get a feeling to look right next to the wall and what do you know there sat this beautiful grey kitten. I called it and it RAN to me just meowing away. I picked it up and hold it close to me as I go back out from under the house. I discover that it's a male and it has the prettiest sky blue eyes. He's maybe 4 - 6 weeks old. NO OLDER. I'm trying to figure out what to do with him and WHERE did he come from. I mean we have some pharro(sp?) cats around here but how did it get UNDER the house???? So I bring it into the garage and give it some milk, dry puppy chow (yes I know it's a cat but that's all we have.) and hoped on the phone with my mom to see if I could get some of her cat food for it. (She has a cat.)

 I called my FIL because he HATES cats to let him know and he informed me that we can keep it. DO WHA?????? I said we'd find it a home but I wasn't sure what to do with it. He said well, it HAS to be fed and we'll keep it in the barn or garage. Ummmm ok.... Mr. I hate cats. So we have this little ash grey kitten in a box in the garage (the fans are on) with a blanket, toy, and food and milk. I've started calling him Ashes for the moment. Now for the delemia(sp?). I am allergic to cat dander and my DH is NOT about having a box of poop as he calls it in the house, BUT he wants to keep it.  The kids LOVE him but then again they love their Nana's cat too. My FIL wants to let his wife keep it. So I don't know. She wants a cat too so I'm thinking that if we keep Ashes that I'll get her one of my mom's kittens. (Her cat just had 5) Either way we ended up with a kitten that is still puzzling us on how he got where he did.  

Now for Sean and Lexie. They are getting so big and we'll find out this week what the results of Lexie's eval was. The potty training is going really good. They have caught on nicely. Except for a few accidents they are doing good. It sould be any day now that we hear something about the courtdate for when we need to go to court for the adoption to be final. I hope it's soon because that would be an AWESOME Father's Day gift for Mik. Speaking of Father's Day this will be Mik's first one with Jacob and that is both happy and sad as is anything else. It's a happy thing because he's finally here and it's sad because it's his last first. We were kind of hoping to hear from the school to see if Sean got into Head Start but haven't heard anything so I guess he didn't. Oh well. There is always next year. Then Lexie and Sean can go together and it will hopefully help both of them to have each other there. That is ok though because we are still in the process of moving and I know that that in itself with have some affects on the kids. Then again it may not because we are moving to "Nana's house". My parents are moving out and we are moving in but they still associate it with it being Nana's house.

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