so blake gets out of school on thursday for summer. i was asked if he was gong to go to summer school but said no because i plan on having both my babies with me for the summer. i would love to go stay in a cabin at the hungry mother's park for a few days but i doubt robbie would do that. i have never been there and i would love to go because people keeps telling me that it is beautiful there. i want to stay in the cabin for now because the kids are little but when they get bigger, we will stay in a tent. because of the high gas prices we won't be able to go to the smokies. i done already figured out what we will do while robbie is off. we will go to robbie's grandmother's to swim in her pool ( we get it to ourselves and she always gives us and take the kids to critterville park to play. when robbie is working, i will take them out for walks ( also to help me lose weight) and on occasion take them to my mom's so they can play in the yard. we can take three steps and we are at the neighbour's because the trailers are so close together in this trailer park which sucks. that is what my summer vacation is going to be all summer. oh and if robbie works morning shift or is off on the 4th of july, we will go on jewel ridge to watch fireworks ( maybe).

what are you ladies doing this summer????

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:19 PM Well have a great time! I will be working Summer School (I think) Have not gotten notice yet!

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