I am warning you I am getting on my soap box!

I love all you ladies and most of you are truly lovely. But it seems we all have the same flaw, me included. We tend to focus on what others are doing wrong and see the glass as half empty instead of half full. We complain about our spouses, our boyfriends, our children, our family members, our friends, and our view of the people in this world.

We want to know what in the world are these people thinking, really? Why would you do that? Don't they get it? What's wrong with people?

Honestly, I am sure people have said these things about me more than once and someone is probably saying it now, while I am up here rattling on about this!

The truth is we all screw up and we can't focus on what others are doing wrong. Instead we need to focus on what we are doing right.

You know that might sound odd but look at the world. Somehow with all these weirdos, bad people, and bad things happening the majority of us are still doing things right. It's just the focus is on the bad all the time. We all know that, just watch the evening news in a good mood and see if your still so perky afterwards.

The only way to change anything is to change yourself and your perception. If all you allow yourself to see is the bad your focus will begin to go there. But what if you see the spec of light even in the worst of situations. I guarantee something or someone good is always their. It may be easy to spot or it might take some looking, but it is worth looking.

Start with yourself don't look at all the things you think are so bad about yourself start looking at the positive things and all the things you do right.

What if we all decided to wake up realize that more people are trying to do it right then those who do it wrong. That even "bad" people can, have or will  something right!

I think this would start the biggest Pyramid scheme ever. Invest in yourself, show others your value, and see theirs. Focus on what you can fix instead of remaining stuck in the muck of evils in this world.

The only way to fix something wrong is by doing it right.

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