My husband and I stop at our local Sonic's today for lunch. I'm driving because my husband is bone tired and so is sleeping in the passenger seat. Well next thing I know my husband's friend, Steve's girlfriend (yes he's married but to a lesbian and its a contract marriage so yeah anyway) started talking to my husband. Of course she woke him up by asking him if he was tired. (Yeah, "here's your sign" moment. *rolling eyes*) So while I am ordering our food she ends up telling my husband her work schedule for this week. How she's closing tonight, tomorrow night and night after next and how she has to go back to work today at 6 this evening. (I didn't even know she was working at this Sonics!!) Then she asks my husband to tell Steve that she is sorry for cheating on Steve but in her defense he had ignored her for three months and so she went to find some "comfort". *rolling eyes* Yeah like I really believe her anyway because I've heard stories how she will sleep around with the bouncers at some clubs just so they will pay her electric or water bills. Steve once made a bet with another friend that he would fork over 50 bucks if his friend got lucky with his girlfriend. (Steve made that bet because he didn't think she would do it.) Well the next day Steve's friend came to work and told him all about it. So anyway she's talking to my husband and telling him her work schedule while ignoring me. Then all of a sudden she looks over and acts like she just realized I was in the jeep. We've only met the woman once and I didn't like her then. (After today I really can't stand her.) Of course, she delivers our food and then proceeds to give us her telephone number, like we're really giong to call her. I almost wanted to deck her right then and there but I didn't. And honestly, if it was anyone else I wouldn't even be reacting like this because with anyone else they would know that my husband is married and very much committed and loyal to me. But since its "her" I just want to scratch out her eyes. Not to mention she wants another baby so Steve has stopped having "relations" with her and no one else will touch her because she's openly admitted that she's stopped taking birth control because she wants another baby. (I guess she thinks my husband would make a great stud for her.) Anyway my husband ended up crumbling the paper that had her phone number on it and then tossed it out of the jeep when she went to go deliver another order.

But omg...she could have been more obvious of what she was trying to do? GRR!!!!



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:12 PM Wow, what a princess!!  I'd scratch her eyes out, too!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:17 PM wow we i would defaintly scratch her eyes out for sure!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:50 PM i owuld have so crumbled up the phone number and tossed it back at her face and told her to take her whore ass else where. that the only children your DH wants to have are yours!!!

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