I joined this page in hopes of becoming friends with other moms. Especially those who have kids with DS.  I want to know if they know anything that I don't know, b/c you can't find a whole lot about DS other then th topic of the chromosomes.

Also, I'd like to chat with moms who share some of my interests. My interersts:

Reading and writing poetry

Reading and writing stories

Listening to music

Watching tv

~*My favorite book authors*~

Danielle Steel

Michael Connelly

Mary Higgins Clark

Sandra Brown

I also enjoy reading Harlaquin novels.

~*Some of my favorite shows*~






Still Standing 

The Golden Girls

Home Improvement

Sex and the City

~*Some of my favorite artists*~

Reba McEntire

Garth Brooks

Tim McGraw

Faith Hill

John Michael Montgomery

Travis Tritt

Kelly Clarkson


Jessica Simpson

Jaci Velasquez

Nikki Leonti

Nicole Nordman



Guns N' Roses


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:14 PM

I don't have a child with DS, but I do have lots of other things in common with you.  I read all the authors you have listed plus many others. (I read when I'm not doing anything else and even when I should be doing housework).

Other than a couple of the TV listings (Not a WWE Raw fan, but don't knock those that are).....I watch much of the same shows. 

I like some of the same musical artists.  Don't know many of the newer pop singers, but then I'm getting OLD. 

Hope you can find some friends on here.

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