The moving preparations thus far are going smoothly. I have most of what I am taking with me already together and am done packing up the rest of my stuff. Gabe (my fiance) has been running stuff over to his dad's house and storing it in his basement so we don't have to worry about getting a storage unit. We already have a lot of stuff there, which is kind of scary because if you look at the apartment you can't tell....haha. We have a LOT of stuff. Gabe already did the boys' room and now I need to start on Lexie's room. I'm kind of scared to even approach it because it is such a mess. All we really have though other than the big stuff is her room and the kitchen.

We also have a huge pile of laundry that needs to be done. No one wants to do it though...haha.

I'm excited about the move. Yeah, I am going to miss not having the kids around while I am down there but in all honesty, I think it will just drive me that much more to find work. Once I can get a steady job then they will be moving down as well. We just can't afford to both quit our jobs right now so we are doing it one at a time. 

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