BUT about so many things I don't even know where to begin. Let's start with my daughter's day care--Kids R Kids on Westridge in McKinney. I have had so much trouble getting them to communicate or even do their job. We have had a problem with a bully ---which I got the "we can't separate the children" run around for a while..I call BS. Then more bullies in the morning because my daughter is forced to sit at a table with older girls in the morning...and we all know ladies ---little girls are bitches. Then my daughter shows up home with this journal in her backpack that she says she got from a kid at the daycare. When I ask her why she says its because his mom made him give it to her. Again I ask why. She says its because he was mean to her and another girl----then I'm like WTF. Come on I heard absolutely nothing about this. However..we have said journal showing that it indeed happened. She says he would always 'squeeze her fingers' - I don't know what that means exactly...she was getting frustrated trying to explain (even though she is articulate). SO I talk to the school which doesn't seem to have clue as to what is going on. Turns out the childs mother was a teacher there, but their last day was Thursday and they have moved to California. (roll my eyes) So they are asking everyone and I say I want to talk to the director...which they say quit in April....WOW---the communication is so superb. That is the second director to quit in the last 4 months. So the owner is in charge and "he" is something else. SO.....needless to say her last day is the 13th of June and she won't return when she comes back from being at her father's over the summer.

Secondly, my sister came in from Tucson on Thursday for a visit. Well--it wasn't on great terms because we found out less than two weeks ago my Dad has throat cancer. He was diagnosed with diabetes in Feb. They have had to proceed quickly with a plan of action. SO last Wednesday he had ALL of his teeth pulled, then Friday they put a feeding tube in his stomach. He was in the hospital overnight for that. Today they are putting a port in his chest so he doesn't have to  be stuck by a needle everytime, and also for the chemo. He has a PET scan tomorrow---in addition to 3 more doctor appointments this week. My Dad is a mighty man of God and has not faultered one time in his faith and or demeanor. He is a true testament of strength for sure. It is just emotional for my sister and I to watch our Big Mighty Daddy go through so much pain. In addition, watch my Mom (who is a realtor) still work 24/7 and take him to all of his appointments.

My uncle (mom's brother) was in and out of the hospital recently and also diagnosed with diabetes. He already has to have an oxygen tank and nearly died last year. My mom has to take him to his dr. appts too because he is disabled and learning impaired. So he can't read or fill out paperwork. Luckily he can live on his own, and nurses can come to visit. Plus my Aunt (moms sister) is recovering from multiple strokes and is going to physical therapy. Her son helps her for the most part. However the mental strain on my mother is a lot. I don't know how she does it.

Meanwhile, my great aunt (dad's aunt) is currently in the hospital, she has bile duct cancer. She had a complication in her intestines and had to have emergency surgery over the weekend. In addition to the surgery she also had a blood transfusion. She will be in the hospital 8-10 days, and will continue with her chemo and radiation treatments.

OH and let me also mention that my mother is a breast cancer survivor all of 9 months ago. She is still having other issues that require her to go to the doctor regularly. My dad is 58 and my mom will be 53 this year. Not like they are getting up there or anything. They do get to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this year though. One bright spot to keep people going.

OK....stop the world I wanna get off. Seriously, I never want to hear the word cancer again. I don't want my little girl to go away for the summer. I just really want to sit and hold my whole family and not let go. What is this cancer anyway? Why does it feel it has a right to mutate in our bodies and deteriorate us to whithering beings? Why does it seem to touch those right in the portion of their bodies that they have been known for? Like my Dad is a teacher....and his voice might be altered forever (but we pray against that).

I'm angry that it seems like from childhood to parenthood we are always fighting for peace within ourselves and our families. We pick up our swords everyday and brace ourselves for whatever the devil himself tries to spew right at us. It's a constant fight....a warfare that no fully enabled healthy person can do without depleting their emotional tank completely. I say it's more than time to take a stand against cancer...against all disease that destroys our families everyday.

One way I start my fight is I'm a Christian...and I know I have Jesus on my side. Next I eat like a diabetic so I don't become one. Then I stand by my family, and push these doctors to actually follow that hypocratic oath to a 'T'! I research on new things I can do to help the cancer cause.....because there doesn't need to be another person on Earth inflicted with it. We shouldn't stop until we know that not another family will have to be rudely interrupted by such a nasty, vile, destructive disease.

I pray.....I pray that each and everyday I have the strength to help my Dad and Mom through this. That I will be there to hold them up---even though it still feels like I'm their little girl. I will from this minute forward be righteously indignant and say NO MORE---I WILL be able to  watch my parents grow old, and celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. AND pray that my daughter will never have to understand the devastation of such an illness.

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