Ever had a perfect moment... i had allot of occasions coming up, so I went to my local store and bought the box of cards I 've been eyeing up. Actually I bought two. Heck they were on sale.

So I am dreading sending a "thank you"  card to someone who must have felt obligated to buy my daughter a birthday present, but hasn't spoken to her mother in four years,

So I open the box of cards and right off the bat I decide I am getting the Thank you card over first. Negative thought out of the way, It will let me put my heart into the cards I actually want to send. So I am scouring through this box of cards and whoop whoop there it is....A card that says

"you shouldn't have"


Now I know why I had my eye on that box of cards all along.

And to get it 40% off.

I love you God

You are so awesome!

Shine down on me anyday.

Skippidie do dah day...........

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