A bunch of people were asking me what was up with the 'twin' sitch, so I wrote this post over on Xanga last week and completely forgot to post it here too.. DOH!!

 (Xanga entry: Bad from May 28, 2008)

Yesterday started for me at about 3am, when I had to get up and go potty. Then of course I was thirsty. To the kitchen I went, searching for a thirst quencher. I picked up my favorite Shrek glass and consequently dropped it on the floor. Smash. Clutsy pregnant lady here. In the process of cleaning it up I managed to cut both my fingers and hands in several places - and somehow my cheek and eyebrow too.

After I was done, I grabbed the container of iced tea from the fridge and took a swig from it. Screw the glass. Then went back to bed. Where I should have stayed.

At 8:30 I was ready to go to the doctor. Heading to find out what the sitch was with the whole 'twin' deal. Bag packed, Willow in arm, I head to my car and notice something on the carseat. It was a can of soda.

And I'm thinking "why is there a can of soda on the carseat?".

It was there because it and a bunch of it's friends exploded all over my car. No matter that they should not have been there because someone - myzombifiedvideogameplayingannoyanceofalazyson - should have brought them inside. But before I could go drop a bomb on his head, I still HAD to get to the doctor. I covered the Dr. Pepper soaked carseat with a towel and got on the road... late now.

In the parking lot of the doctors office I discovered that the stroller was so completely unusable that it was now brown and soaked with soda and had to carry my daughter inside.

Ever bring an 18 month old child into a doctors office on foot? This was seriously turning into bad day.

So while Willow ransacked the exam room, which thankfully my doc found delightful, I got the skinny on my big fat belly. Turns out there were twins and one didn't thrive. Which means that it got absorbed .. which is kinda gross and sad at the same time. Still not sure what the sex is, but I'm leaning towards boy.. the name Lucas is whispering around in my head all the time now. If I'm right, we have decided not to circumcise. I also got the lowdown on the hospital I will be delivering at - since it is a new one for me - and found out some pretty cool stuff. I now have the option for water birth!! How fricken cool is that! I would love a home birth, but since my health wont allow that it is so nice to know I have some really interesting nonmedical options.

Sadly though this was not the end of my bad day.

After pulling everything out of my car that was not bolted down and subsequently scrubbing the sh** out of all of it, I was beyond tired. Contrary to what my beloved drunk thinks, pregnancy really does wear a woman out. I needed a nap and luckily so did my little one. So down for a nap we went.

Let me tell you something, no matter how well rested you think you are, no matter how great of a mood you may be in, no matter that you actually thought you felt better after a nap; nothing can wipe all that away like the sight of your child's diaper on the floor next to the crib and what resembles a 4wheeling disaster inside the crib with said child.

I instantly felt like I was going to pass out - honestly, just how much was I going to have to clean today? I hadn't even gotten out to my car yet! I needed another nap. I had heard stories of poopy crib dilemmas before but thankfully never experienced one myself. Until yesterday.

I'm not afraid of poop and it doesn't disgust me all that much - I mean I cloth diaper, I'm no stranger to cleaning poo out of things.. but this was just not fair. I was not alone though, and for the first time in a long time, the mommy and daddy team buckled down and got the job done. None of my children will ever sleep in a pocket diaper again.. nighttime diapering is currently getting an overhaul.. haha and Willow is getting full-on potty trained NOW.

At this point I wanted to just get the cleaning over with and was heading out to the car when I heard a crack of thunder.. great. So it rained and I didn't clean my car. We got take out for dinner and decided doing nothing was the best way to go for the rest of the night... but of course it didn't end there.

After deciding to relax I had to go potty. I walked across the floor, same way I always do while heading to the bathroom. This time though, my foot got caught on something sharp in the rug. I said "OH F*** that HURTS", and then I saw blood.

A few days ago I broke a sewing machine needle, which happens often when you sew as much as I do. A piece of the needle went flying and I couldn't find it. I looked and looked, combed the rug with a flashlight exactly where I was sure it flew. Clearly I was wrong because it was a good 5 feet in the opposite direction and made quite a large slice in the bottom of my left foot.

It was at this very moment when I decided the universe currently didn't like me. Bad karma doesn't just come flying out of nowhere.. I am of the belief that it is deserved. I can only hope that the cyclical nature of karma has run its course and ironed out the wrinkles.. because frankly I do not believe I deserve any more sh** in my fan.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:29 PM girl you need this after the day you just described!!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:22 PM Thanks, that day was quite horrid! Thankfully my car, the carseat and the stroller are all clean and back to normal. My foot is healing nicely. My daughter, however, is still obsessed with pulling off her diaper! haha

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 9:11 AM What a day - but it sounds like you found a decent hospital and doc.  Good luck and I hope those type days are over for a little while:)

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