From Sherrod Fielden, "I Saw the Flag Today" was written sometime ago out of concern for, what seemed to him, lack of recognition and appreciation by many for the sacrifices that have been necessary and that enable us to enjoy our freedoms in this great land.  It was featured as a "Guest Column" on July 4, 1996 in the Waco Tribune-Herald."

Well, Sherrod, AIU readers back our troops "for all that they're worth."  Thanks again for your contributions.

By Sherrod L. Fielden

I was driving down the street today;
at the courthouse, I saw the flag on display.
It was moving gently in the wind,
as it's done again and again.

I've seen it so often I tend to forget
there's something special about why it's there.
It's our country's history lesson --
not just cloth flapping in the air.

With independence a concept we
knew would be costly to be free,
we never the less set our course
for freedom for you and me.

We believed the struggle was worth the cost,
the price to be paid with blood and tears.
So our flag was born to bind us tight,
to bolster our courage and overcome our fears.

It was the symbol that we needed
to meld the thirteen into one.
They stuck like glue and me and you
enjoy the freedoms that they won.

We've flown it proudly through the years.
It's heard lots of laughter and seen a river of tears.
Focus and direction was its greatest worth,
but we nearly ripped it apart with North against South.

We survived it somehow and started healing
wounds that cut deep through our soul.
Our Union revived, our spirit renewed
under one flag flying proud and bold.

Through the years it's served us well
in conflicts all over the earth.
Our troops were true to the Red, White and Blue,
and we backed them for all that they're worth.

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