Starting to feel defeated for this month.  Been testing for days, and every one is negative.  Feeling kinda crampy, so seems AF is imminent.  I've been going back and forth- one minute I'm so sure I'm pregnant, and the next I'm 95% sure I'm not.  Today, even though AF hasn't shown yet, I ordered next months OPKs & pg tests from  They're so much cheaper (the strips) than anything you can get in a store, so, yeah.  Guess I'm at 99.9% sure I'm not now.  Though that .1% still has me wanting to go POAS  :-p  I'm such an addict.  So hopefully the tests get here before Friday, cause we're going on vacay to FL.  Will need the OPKs while we're there.  Well, depending on when AF shows up.  I'm rambling now.  Here's my pseudo-symptom list for this month:


spotting on 5/24 (implant. bleeding?)

weepy since 5/20

slight nausea


slight cramps since 5/20

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