My little girl is in Kindergarten and they are having their annual field trip to the train station tomorrow. Al the parents have to accompany their kids on the trip and I am so excited to go with her. Since my little big man Sean has been born (he is alomost 23 months old) we do not get a chance to do stuff by ourselves much. We are meeting her class at the train station in the morning and will take a train ride to a town that is about 30 mins away. When we get there we are walking to the kid's museum, gonna go off on our own through there, and about an hour later taking a bus to the park to have a picnic and feed the geese. Then the school buses will be there to take us back home. I am just praying for good weather.....we have a 80% chance of showers tomorrow :(. Still- I am excited :)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:31 PM OH thats sounds like so much fun.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:48 PM

That does sound like fun. I'll pray for sunshine:)

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