It has been a while since I Journal on here. I am sitting here thinking about the past week. It has been so nice. It all started last Saturday! I woke up and went to Tucson. It was my first Overnight with the kids. I picked them up at 10am and had them til 4pm Sunday evening.

That was the first overnight since July 26,2007. It has been almost a year, One long hard year. Our over night was awesome tho. My lil lady is so beautiful and so smart! She just graduated Kindergarten! One event I missed this year. I missed so much on their year and i know I can never get it back! All I can do is make the best of the situation and go from here!

This year has been hard, but this week has been awesome. We have had my children in Prayer for so long. Sunday Morning when we had prayer request, I had a Prayer blessing and No one knew. I stood up and said.m We have had them in prayer for so long and I want to introduce Eddie and Larrissa to everyone. These are my babies. The entire church began to clap. It was a Blessing indeed. This journal is a symbol of how God Works. God Is awesome and leave no prayer un answered, when you come to God with  a pure honest and trusting heart. God answered my paryer and continues to work in my life.

Last night in Church we had an Evangelist come in and preach. His name is Terri Tripp and he is awesome, him and his family had a show on Christian television since he was 5. His family have adopted 100 people in India and have a Christian Mission and they have 4 huge churches out there. It is beautiful for what I have seen. I believe that they are Blessed and are a blessing to all who they come in contact with! Our service last night was so blessed and I pray that Terri Tripp can continue to travel the world and share the word of God. May God Bless him and his family! Thank You for coming out and that is indeed a true blessing.  

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