My child has no idea what is ok to say and what isn't- in general conversation.  He understand bad words and such, but doesn't understand why people wouldn't want to know about poop, or the argument his dad and I just had, or things like that.

Today I overheard him talking to my Dad on the phone and this is what he said..

"my mom says that even though I'm not used to school I will get used to it and I will like it.  A LOT!!  And she says I'll go to school with some rich kids and some trailer park kids.  My dad hates the trailer park.  He wants to build a big fence and keep them all in there.  He calls the police like every day."

Oh, I way dying laughing!  First of all we live in a nice subdivision, but behond our fence is a trailer park.  The neighbors back there play their rap so loud at all hours that my husband has called the cops upwards of 50 times since we lived here.  Finally after a 300 dollar ticket it stopeed. lol.  But he still hates everyone in that neighborhood. lol. 

As far as the fence, they all drive through our neighborhood at high speeds using it to get to their neighborhood.  My husband has devised a plan to build a gat. lol. jokingly.  Christian apparently thinks he is very serious abouit this. 

Either way I got a good laugh out of how seriously Christian was talking.  Parents take note...the little ears listen to everything!(and the little mouth repeats iit in their own words. lol)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:34 PM They certainly do pick up on what they hear, that's for sure!

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