A Mother’s AgonyBy: Ashley Arena  Chapter one:

The bedroom was dark due to a massive storm knocking the power out. The only light that shone was a single candle that sat patiently infront of mirror. The bed Angie sat on was a queen size with blue comforters and pillows. Next to it was the nightstand where the only non-digital clock rested.

Angie, who was only 24, sat with her face buried in her hands. A puddle had formed on the bed from the tears that she had cried. Upon picking up her face she caught a glance of her face in the mirrow. Her normally well groomed jet black hair was matted from the consistant tugging of her hands. Angie's once deep blue eyes where red and puffy along with her bleeding lips. She looked at the clock and realized that the time was 9 at night. Tears began to form in her eyes but she tried to fight them back.

She glanced at the photo of her family on the wall. He husband, that she loved so dearly, stood behind her in the father's day shirt that she bought him the prevous year. Their daughter had her head resting on her mother's lap. Her curly brown hair was tied neatly in a bow so that her green eyes could be seen. They had taken this photo for Angies mother's birthday and she loved it. 

"Haylee you look just like your father." Angie wispered in the darkness as the tears came again.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Angie jumped to her feet and proceed to run in the darkness to the front door. She was expecting to see her husband holding their daughter in his arms who had more then likely fallen alseep after such a long ride home. All her worring and the nightmare that made her so hysterical was for nothing..she hoped.

Angie tore the door open only to find two police officers standing before her door. Angie's heart stopped for a moment for she knew that her worse fears had been confirmed.

The first officer asked if she was Mrs. Peterson. When she managed to reply yes the officers removed their hats in respect. "Mrs. Peterson there has been an incident involving your husband and daughter. We need you to come with us to the police station. We would like to ask you a few questions."

"Where's my family? What happened to them?" Angie managed to ask without breaking down into tears.

"There was an incident at the grocery store a few miles away from here. Your husband was being mugged in the parking lot when one the men holding a gun shot him. He's currently in surgury at St. Vincent's hospital. Your daughter was in the car and had witnessed the incident. The suspects stole the car along with your daughter inside." The officer took a deep breath so he could tell her the rest. "No one heard the shot being fired and your husband had to crawl through the parking lot to the store to get help."

Angie at that moment collapsed to the ground with fatigue. The officers rushed to help her up and make sure she was ok. "The dream....it came true.....my family......oh my God help us...." Angie fainted in the officer's arms. It was only then that he noticed that she had a severly high fever and needed to rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

Chapter 2

The door the seeming empty house was kicked open by a very powerful force. Hunter and his brother Travis had scrambled into the house trying to avoid any of the neighbor's from checking up on them.

In Hunter's muscular arms was the body of a limp little girl. His face was pale and in a state of shock, he had not meant for the situation to taken to that extreme. He raced over to the couch to make sure that child was not harmed for he was very worried. Upon laying her down on the plastic covered flower couch, he noticed that she was still breathing. A sigh of relief had over come his heart. After making sure that little girl still had a pulse and was as comfortable as possible he concluded that she had passed out after crying hysterically in the car. Next the overcome Hunter's emotions was anger but the rage wasn't focused towards the girl but at his brother.

Travis was sitting at the kitchen  table drinking another beer in less then 3 minutes. He looked as if he had just run a marathon especially with his muscular frame glistening under the fluorescent lights. His hair was was slightly stained with blood, which was mostly his, and his left eye was swelled from the punch that he had received. Travis knew that within the next few minutes that older brother would be in to handle the rest. So he waited uneasily for him to meet the fate that he knew he deserved. Hunter stood at the entrance of the kitchen and was trying to resist from beating Travis.

"What the hell happened?!" Hunter said louder then he had intended.
"When I asked him for the money he said that he didn't have any and I knew that he was lying so I went to hit him with the gun......I didn't realize that the safety was off.....it was a mistake, sorry man" mumbled Travis. Hunter was not satisfied with his answer and decided to walk closer to him. "Why was it loaded in the first place and second where in the hell did you get a gun your on parole;" Hunter interrogated on "no gun shop in their right mind would sell you a gun and I know that you ain't got no money."

Travis then got angry for he didn't want his brother to be involved with his life let alone digging into it. "That is none of your business and what does it matter now? What's done is done let's just hope the bastard died."
Hunter's rage had hit it's peak with that comment and went to give Travis exactly what he deserved. With his massive fist he landed a punch right into Travis' jaw.  With him laying on the tiled floor he kicked his ribs and proceed to beat him until his grandmother's voice called from upstairs.

"Hunter?......Honey if your home  will you please get me a glass of tea.....I'm so thirsty." Rose was 85 years old but had been fighting a losing battle with lung cancer for 4 years. The doctors had done all the tests that they could to help her but her body couldn't handle anymore treatment. Hunter and Travis where her only relatives that she had left and she wanted to be with them until she passed away. Her body was so badly cancer infested that she could longer leave her bed but she wanted so much to show her only family that she appreciated all that they did for her.

Hunter rage had faded away to remorse. If it wasn't for all the lawyers, doctors, and child support payments his life wouldn't have been so desperate. Hunter left his brother on the floor, who had passed out after the first punch, to tend to his grandmother. He poured the glass of tea and brought it upstairs to help her drink it. Hunter was amazed that when he gotten upstairs she was sitting up on her own and was happy to see him. Despite all the pain she was in constantly, Rose had always smiled when Hunter was around.  After her drink was finished and the medication was taken she proceed to fall back asleep. Hunter kissed her forehead and told her that he loved her. His heart was partially broken for she knew nothing of her great grandson that his ex-girlfriend had taken away from her. Outside of Rose his son was all that really mattered in his life.

Once she was asleep he went downstairs to see if Travis was awake yet.  Travis sat once again at the table but this time he had cold pack resting on his jaw and held his ribs with his hands. "So what do we do with the kid?"

"Travis you hurt that child and you will be the one to regret it." Hunter knew his brother better then anyone and for that reason feared for her. "Go to the basement and make it as comfortable as possible for her. Take care of the windows and dust really well for her. Don't forget to take out the spare bed and make that up too. Then you can get the groceries from the car and put them away." Normally he would never do anything to be a convenience to anyone else but himself but under the circumstances he figured it would be less painful for him if he just did as he was told.

Hunter went back in the living room to check on the sleeping child. She had been crying in her sleep. He then noticed that she had been holding onto a stuffed puppy with dear life. Hunter sat by her side and cried his eyes out. He prayed a silent prayer that her father would be okay and that he got help.

 ~please feel free to comment on my story. I love to hear feed back. just please i know i really can't spell that well i'm sorry for that~

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:37 PM I am also a writer.  This story is really good!!

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