Anyone looking for easy extra money or an additional residual income is recommended to look a closer at cashcrate

Heres why:

  • Cashcrate is FREE and easy to join.
  • There are NO ONGOING FEES.
  • Cashcrate pays you to complete offers and free surveys.
  • Cashcrate pays you a percentage of anything earned by people you refer. (residual income)
  • To make money you don’t need a website, any technical knowledge or any understanding of the internet.

Cashcrate has been around for many years. It has a sustainable business model as it pays you a percentage of what they are paid from the survey/offer companies.

has a good name. I’ve searched all over the web for bad write-ups and found nothing. This is a genuine opportunity that will help anyone make some money either through completing the offers or from referral income.

Here’s how Cashcrate works.

You sign-up to join and are presented with a free survey and a few offers. I was able to make over $10 within 15 minutes of joining and it was easy money.

Then whenever you login into cashcrate in the future there will be a few more offers/surveys waiting for you to complete.

Just complete them and once confirmed your account is credited with the offer amount.

You also get paid for anyone you refer. You make 20% of their earnings and 10% of the earnings of the people they refer.

Payments are monthly by check once you reach $10. Ten dollars is an easy amount to reach.

Once you have your first check and your comfortable that this is worthwhile, suggest a few of your friends join. They will appreciate the extra money and you will get paid a percentage of what they earn.

Click here to join

Here's proof cashcrate pays:

If you have any questions or need any help with
cashcrate please feel free to message me. Once you sign up please check your messages in cashcrate I do send all of my referals messages and help them along the way.

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