My next blog was gonna be about the amazing time I had with my Mom on the cruise, but something more important has come up.

As soon as I got home and hugged Malachi I noticed he was warm.  He fell asleep around 6:00 PM (REALLY early for him).  He woke up at 10:00 PM un-able to go back to sleep because he was coughing so much.  Around 10:30 he started wheezing (something new to us with him), and around 11:00 PM I took him to the hospital for labored breathing.  We saw the doctor around 12:30 AM who said his chest was tight all over and his right lung was worse than his left.  A while later,  he got two ten minute nebulizer treatments (which he thought was really cool.  He said, "look mom, I'm an elephant!", and he played with the mist.  He also took some oral cortizone - which he liked the flavor of. 

For those of you who don't know what a nebulizer looks like, here's a picture of the kind he used at the hospital.

The end of the skinny wound up tube gets connected to some kind of an air pump thingy, the clear liquid medicine goes into that clear cylindrical thing (that somehow turns it into a fine mist), you put your mouth on the white beak-ish shaped thing and breath  in the misty meds.  The medicine that's not breathed in comes out the other end in a fine mist - kinda pretty actually.  :)  Malachi actually enjoyed breathing out of both ends, and he "played" it like a Kazoo.  One of the nurses actually came in and asked if he was okay.  He told her he was making music.  lol.

Apparently the albuterol (the meds in the nebulizer) acts like caffeine, so at 1:30 in the morning (when we left the hopital), he was bouncing off the walls.  The hyper effect lasted for a few hours until he zonked out on the couch with me. 

The doctor says that at this age the wheezing could be caused by a virusor  the virus could have set off his asthma (if he has it, which he thinks is likely because Dan has it).  At this age it could be either or and you can't diagnose asthma from just one wheezing attack. 

Anyway, we're going to his primary physician in about an hour and a half for a follow up to see what he has to say about the whole ordeal. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:07 PM

I'm sure that was scary, but if he does have asthma it's not a big deal. My husband has asthma, of course it was hell for him growing up because the medicine wasn't as good as it is now. My kids all have some sort of asthma, some not bad at all and very rarely. They all have seasonal asthma, which is related to allergies and sickness. Blair and Justin have exercise induced asthma, which is normally found with people who overweight, but my kids are thin. Blair also has a history of panic attacks and she's had to use her inhaler for a couple of those.

We have a nebulizer at home. Blair and Justin have advair, and all the kids have emergency inhalers. Blair and Justin are really the only one's who use theirs. The other kids, just when their sick or have trouble breating from allergies. It's not a problem for my kids. Their in all sorts of physical activities. Justin plays soccer, baseball, basketball, and he swims. Blair's a dancer and does colorguard. Sometimes they might have to take a break, but otherwise their fine.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:19 PM i have asthma and my kids did too with treatment he will be fine

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