(I thought of this this morning when I had to drop my friends son off at daycare)

 No matter how bad you think you have it someone else has it worse.  So my son has autism, and dd has add and I get really bad headaches, and my dh works 9-8 everynight except sunday, and gas prices are high....

 SO FRICKEN WHAT.  I do not have to go to work, because my dh is in jail, war, or left me.  He is working supporting us.  We have what we need and really all we could want!  All 3 of my kids are relatively healthy.  They can walk on their own, eat on their own and go to the bathroom by themself!  LOL!  So I get bad headaches, but it's not constant.  I don't have fibromaglic?  sp??  anways, I don't have cancer or anything else (I had a scare with it awhile ago)..  wow headaches are all I'm concerned about??  wah wah right?  So my dh works all day and night with only one day off!  :P so what!  He's not in jail like my friends dh is for "being stupid" as he put it as a reason why he did what he did.  So now his kids are in the daycare, and I just sobbed on my way home.  The youngest looked so sad bc her mom just dropped her off there.  I about bawled.  I kept saying okay okay out loud.  Like the lord was telling me to offer to watch them.  Of course my neighbor ( a good friend) and dh said don't do it.  But I really felt like I was answering to GOd when I was saying Okay out loud. 

I get headaches a lot and My oldest has issues with autism and my kids will suffer from having them around all the time?  They play okay together though her kids tattle a lot.  So I guess I'm in a delima even though she hasn't asked me to watch them.  I do get tired a lot and stressed out with other kids around.  But really there are always other kids around here.   What's 3 more?  We are not allowed to go anywhere this summer anyways, with gas prices so high.  We do have a pool ( I think they can all swim)  we have a park near us.  They still take naps too. 

No one really has to answer me, I just wanted to write this all down. 

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