with out being bashed for getting it off your chest. SO sorry i am not perfect like you june cleavers out there. MY BAD. so sorry you never had a bad day and had to listen to my rant.

seriously if your going to be a bitch to me dont act all suprised and shocked when i fling it right back so take the shit that came from your mouth put it back and swallow.and just because your a mother dosnt mean your an adult. Nor does it mean that you are the all knowing of EVERYTHING b/c jesuse didnt go hey your a mom now HERE ARE ALL THE ANWSERS and the mystical power of always being right.


it was a vent take it as face value


in case you missed it here it is: )


 Last night at work i was so close to getting out i just had to clean this one thing and then walks in 20 prom kids wanting to eat I am SO PISSED who the fuck goes to a resturant 20 min before close with 20 ppl wanting to eat WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?????
Now i have the kitchen pissed b/c we have 20 plus orders after they cleaned it all down. I have the bar mad b/c they have to make stupid Virgian daquries....

Not only that i have these little snots snapping at me and giving me attitude about how they fucking want a chicken ceaser with ranch WTF thats not a chicken ceaser dumb ass No only do they not tip if they do they think 10% is ballin im sorry i give 25% service if you want to tip 10% i can give you 10 % service and trust me you will see me less and i wouldnt care if your shit is right.

SO now i have missed last call at fridays and i was so fucking hungry i hadnt eaten all day and nothing is open. So thanks little fuckers for making me miss last call, cleaning up the hurricane that was your mess, keeping me till 2 am when we closed at midnight. 

It was so not worth my time and energy waiting on you little bastards.


and here is my response to the bitches in the post


Few things
1. im over it
2. i did grad them
3. i got 30 bucks
4. not worth the hassle.
5. cant say we are closed.
6.ill cuss who i want its my vent not yours so fuck it
7. i never said i hated my job
8. i never said i cussed at the precious gems of children that were the prom brats
9. Ceaser salad is named that b/c of the CEASER dressing its like asking for Spiniach dip with out the cheese its dumb.
10. i like to list

And this is the part when i have to defend myself against some of you catty bitches. First i am so glad Bexi that you are so holyer than thou that you dont have to serve any more and you can take from ONE VENT how good i am at my job. b/c obviously to you i can handle more than a tooth pick let alone a packed restaurant. watch me work i sprint from end to end stocking bar shit running to the upstairs coolers to get fucking shit we ran out of down stars while i have a party of 20 another party of 7 and a party of 15 by my self. SO YEA PLEASE BEXI you are a super star server and so sorry that i came here to vent my frustrations and you had to stumble across it and ruin your vision reading this shit that is my rant. you are rude and i hope you never put a vent post up b/c i will rip you a new asshole. i dont care if its about cheese.

Yes i went to prom more than once no i did not go out to eat after.
yes i have real friends, but seeing as at 2 in the am i had no one to really chat to i put it here.
yes i only make 2.65 and hour
it is a real job what would make it not is serving a pretend job? does that mean i get a pony if its pretend?!

to the mom that said i hope you dont have kids?... FUCK am i on facebook again and here i thought i was on cafe mom.

to kay and the other band of girls that got the post for what it was Thank you for getting it. you all are obviously the smart ones of the bunch... i really didnt think it was that hard to decipher no decoder ring needed to crack this case nancy drew but seems like most are just up tight dumb bitches that cant get it.

and im going to school as well to finish my Graphic Design degree, but golly gee wiz bexi i dont know if i can handle all of that tom foolery seeing as 20 prom brats got under my sink best i better just drop out.

seriously your a bitch and you need to pull the dirty tampon out of your cunt.


the post went for 201 responses before it got locked 


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:49 PM

Vent away.  And if some prissy bitches can't take it, fuck them!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:49 PM I always hated when large parties came in right at close.  I think you handled this GREAT!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:53 PM It may not have been worth it to you, but it was to your boss......you know the one that owns the business that pays you.  Like kids know any different, they probably didn't understand what they were doing to you......most kids can't work past 10pm, so they don't quite get it.  I can understand your frustration.  I hate staying later than I have to, but customers come first....me last.  I can't believe that the kids stayed that late, doesn't your place have a policy of how late after closing that you have to stay?  Could you have politely let them know that the doors would be locking up shortly?

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:56 PM

I think it's cool that us moms can vent here on Cafemom, but I always have to keep reminding myself that if I post a journal then I'm inviting others into MY business. I guess thats why I don't post journals much.  lol 

I have a hard enough time talking to others in person about my own issues. I think we have a lot of brave moms here that offer up their vents,down falls,insecurities and vulnerability here. I will say what I feel about someones Journal b/c well, hey, they put it up for me to read but I truly try and stay away from the childish name calling and ruthless comments.


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:57 PM we are not allowed to "rush" anyone out. they threw food spilled drinks and just messed everything up. and i hate the phrase that they are just kids 16-18  should know how to act and behave. they are just kids let them have their fun is enabling thier bad behavior. and my boss you know the one that pays me 2.65 an hour let them bring in burger king.... sooo im not sure where the customer comes first there

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:59 PM my vent my rant ill call the brats b/c thats what they were. i will also swear like a pirate. its the french and the irish in me

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:16 PM I don't have a problem with swearing or name calling, I just try and not do it myself. I don't take offense to someone calling a kid a brat, I have two teenagers and sometimes they can be exactly that. I have just seen some moms say things like, "You should have never been a mom", and I think that 90% of the time it's uncalled for. Oh, well, we all share this space called Cafemom, kinda like room mates, some get along some don't. Other's get their a$$ kicked and move out.  :-)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:20 PM you vented in the need 2 vent group, they need to get over themselves, that what the damn group is for!! AND they were PROM BRATS!!!! Screw them!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:30 PM hahaha omg i spit on my moniter....lmfao...i was a server and i hated those last min ppl....i completely understand ....vent away chica....bc that was great....

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:11 AM Ha, your awesome, love the vent

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