My divorce is final... and I have been seeing a wonderful guy.  He is great with my two kids and we are expecting our first child together.  This is his first child.  I am excited to be a mom again.  I love to be "mom".  I am not wanting to rush into a marriage.  Been there and done that twice already.  I do want more from this guy then a "boy friend".  I am pregnant and people at the doctors or hospital refere to him as my husband or fiance and he is neither................makes me feel a little weird.  We always say to family that we have all the commitment of a marriage and do not need to rush in and get that paper, or rush into marriage because we are bringing a child into this world.  I guess it is because I feel if we were engaged it would be more of a "statement" to everyone that we have a commitment to one another, the term boy friend just seems like we are little kids, or just seems like things are not serious.

He now wants my kids to start refereeing to his parents as grandparents instead of calling them by their names.  This is totally fine with me.  Since once our daughter is born she will refere to his parents as grandparents, it will make things easier.  He said, this will make us seem more like a kids don't understand why they now will call them their grandparents since we are not married, but at the same time they are okay with it.  They love his parents very much.

In all fairness, we are dating.............I would love to be engaged to him someday, would love for us not to be locked into our leases and be able to live together one day too.  Hopefully this will all happen.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:48 PM Congrats hope you have a wonderful life together! 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:02 PM congrads!! on the new baby and man!

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