Alright, so John and I decided that we're gonna name this next one Jonas Azrael Stroud. Jonas means gift from God, and Azrael means God's help. And yes, I know the history behind the name Azrael, and yes, I know it's gotten a bad rep, BUT, I looked up the meaning and it does mean God's help, even if he is the Angel of Death- BUT, he's neutral. He just takes souls to their final resting places, where you go, is up to you.....You know it's funny because I keep pushing Azrael as the first name and John's like, 'No, No....,' right........I was thinking, I wonder if Gabriel and Azrael would get along? Hmmm.......that remains to be seen..........:D

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:54 PM Congratulations!  (Jonas is a great name, and the middle name is rarely used anyway - well, unless my kid is in trouble!  LOL!)

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