I am not a very motivated person, I do alot around the house so when it comes to excersizing I havent been too good. But, I am gonna do this!

I am gonna lose at least 50 pounds! If I go much smaller than 150 I will look like a twig with BIG bones and thats not pretty.!!!!


Yesterday went well. I took 3 pills the emtire day. 1 in the morning and 2 at around 4! I had energy ALL day and didnt feel any kind of a crash so thats good. I can feel how sore my abs are right now! It just makes me wanna go do more excersizes. :) The pool has been helping keep myself going I love the cool water (especially since it was 105* yesterday). I dont have a scale so i am not gonna keep weight track just size wise. I will post measurements tomorrow. And each week I will post them on monday! YAY lets DO THIS!


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