Ok so my little brother is in FFA(Future Farmers Of America) and they get a magazine all the time and I always look through it cause it has some great info in it well this got my eye,

This is what it says:

Soy Anything:
Soybeans are everywhere. The agricultural commodity is used for candles,paints,beauty products, and even fuel, in addition to its traditional use as a food. And now, it's in automobile interiors. Recently, Ford Motor Co. announced that seats in the new 2008 Ford mustangs contains soy-based flexible foam. This breakthrough follows seven years of research and collaboration between Fords Motor Co. and the United Soybean Bored, which managed the soybean checkoff programs. Now, they are looking to add the soy-based seating to more Ford vehicles and increase the percentage of soy versus the standard petroleum-based polyol. To learn more about soybeans vist 
www.unitedsoybean.org .

Wow i was socked why put something that people are allergic too, like my little girl in something so common as a seat in a car.

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