Hello, my name is Elizabeth ######### and I just began reading this awesome page of yours - I wanted to ask you permission to forward this text to my friends and family - I really think these words need to be read by many many more people. I'd like to help get this word out. I have a dream that I can have solar energy completey power my home even on my family's "just getting by, and a little extra" budget. I don't want to be paying for my technology on my home for an extended period of time. I want to buy it, and I want to buy it now. I will buy it if installation and materials do not cost more than $5,000.00 USD, I will find a way to save that money and I'll do it quickly if the price was that low. The motivation is present, and I believe I'm not the only one in this world that feels the same. We NEED better energy and the sun IS our answer. There are reasons beyond reasons to why we circle this sun, we're staring our answer in the face.
Please consider allowing me to help distribute your page - either via e-mail, linking to your page from myspace, livejournal, cafemom and crypticvirtue.com forums, as well as writing a letter containing your page information to CNN, and potentially my own site helping to promote the proliferation of solar energies. All credit for your words would be complete. I believe in your philosphy and science. I believe it completely.
Thank you for reading my e-mail. I hope this is not too impersonal a way to approach this subject. I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.
Elizabeth #########
Michigan, USA
Please note : I am not affliated with any organization, I am a US citizen wanting our homes in the United States of America to be powered by solar power now.

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